Stress Management for Women

Reflect on Work-Related Stress

As many of us already know, work can be a source of frequent and severe stress. We spend about one-quarter of our lives working. At work, we experience challenges, crises, and demands. Often, we take our work home with us, or at least take home the physical and emotional stress.

Our work can affect us in several different ways. First of all, changes in our jobs or our places of employment can cause stress. Also, the daily pressures of our jobs can provide a constant source of stress. However, the stress caused by our work can be compensated for with work satisfaction, or the personal benefits—both financial and emotional—that we get from our work.

In this section, you'll consider all three of these factors to improve your understanding of your own work-related stress.

In the module example, Rhonda never considered her work and the effect it could be having on her health and well-being. Allie, however, did consider various factors of her job that could be increasing her stress levels. Therefore, Allie was able to address some of those issues, make her job more enjoyable, and improve her physical and emotional health.

Now let's consider what work changes can increase your stress levels.